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Below are the 13 most recent journal entries recorded in robot_yellow's LiveJournal:

Sunday, September 24th, 2006
8:21 pm
I just came back from SEABECK.

maybe more details later, maybe not.

But I've discovered that I have a love for dancing. I want to learn and get good at Swing dancing, Salsa, Breakdancing, and Merengue.

Dancing is so fun.

If anyone wants to do lessons with me on any of those... haha. except breakdancing. that i'm getting from Daniel.
Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
7:30 pm
hey it's been a while since i've updated. Mostly because no one reads this :) Since my last update, i've:
Gotten into jazz 1 (getting privelidges to Bergetron's sweet yellow greg bennet guitar),
Done homework,
gotten scared of IB history (this year and next),
and have been looking forward to SEABECK!!!!


oh and i'm gonna take some swing dance lessons. Just signed up. yeaaahh. If anyone else wants to take swing dance lessons with me, lemme know and we can take some classes. Nothing is more fun than swing dancing. Seriously.

Oh, and also: Pep band is cool (when playing snare on drumline), I might host an Aussi this year, and If anyone wants to walk to pochi tea station after school sometime, contact me. I love that place.


Current Mood: excited and tired
Tuesday, August 29th, 2006
9:41 am
i'm getting braces today
Sunday, August 13th, 2006
11:20 am
WHOA it's been a long time since my last update.

since then, i've been to band camp in spokane for a week, doing tennis and hanging with peeps, and right now i'm in Portland visiting my sister on her B-day.

so maybe i'll update with more details on stuff like band camp. maybe not. i kind of forget i have a livejournal.

till next time,


(P.S, go to www.zefrank.com and watch The Show)
Monday, June 19th, 2006
11:19 pm
for the EW Jazz bands to go to the Triple Door and show off their stuff. It was goodness in a can. So basically went down to The Triple Door (seattle resteraunt with stage and live music) at like 4:30 with Bergevin's awesome guitar to set up, tune, and sound check. Then at like 7 someething Jazz 2 played. It was fun, I did okay, everyone did pretty good, some obvious mistakes and some really cool stuff. Whatever. Then we retreated back to the awesome soundproof booths and Jazz 1 came on. Man they're good. Every person in that band is just amazing. The drummers, Trumpets, Trombones, Saxes, Pianists, man. I hope I can get into Jazz 1 on guitar just so I can be among people like that. I bet i'd practice even more. But yeah they sounded really good and It was kind of sad because there were like 5 graduating seniors playing with eachother for the last time.
All in all a very fun night.

Oh and I had ghetto-coffee (coffee in a container other than one that is meant for coffee, by my definition). Yeah inspired by Elliot Grey I chugged a little half pint water bottle and poured coffee in it. That was pretty fun too. We (me, elliot, and zach) went down to Quiznos, I made a ring out of my 10 dollar bill, then payed with it, and proceeded to make rings with 2 of the 3 dollars I received in change. Even more fun.


Current Mood: inspired
Thursday, June 15th, 2006
10:03 pm
the finality of finals is finally finalizing.... what a finale?
wow why do they put a "subject" line in... it only damages my brain and yours...

anyways, first day of finals!
I only had math final today, and I personally thought it was okay, but then again math is supposedly one of my better subjects (although usually it doesn't feel like it). Hope other finals go well too.
Our Jazz Band final is to show up to our concert on time. Haha Mr.Bergevin is cool.
Mr.Bergevin just got a new guitar. He let me play it. It's this super nice yellow electric jazz guitar. Really nice feel, great body, makes great sounds, good weight, man I can't wait to take 'er home. Okay i'll stop now.
But yeah he said that whoever gets into Jazz 1 basically gets full rights to the guitar (as long as they're in Jazz 1 i'm assuming). So i'm totally gonna practice like 2 or 3 hours a day on guitar this summer. My offer previously announced on myspace is still quite valid (in search of people to jam with).

That concludes Robby's first semi-consistent blog (within a day of the last one, holy crap that's a first!)

Sorry about all the parenthesis, I just get really sidetracked easily (especially on the internet when i'm not actually talking to someone in peticular or having a conversation and I can just ramble on forever (because it's fun and there's nothing you can do about it (you can't interrupt, and you can't even delete my parenthesis) yeah it's way cool) I love rambling (sometimes)). Yaaaaaayyy ()())))(((()()()((()

Sorry i'm done for real now.
Wednesday, June 14th, 2006
11:39 pm
I might actually start blogging soon. Like maybe even more than once a week! holy crap!

so yeah be prepared, guard your friends page thing, say a few prayers to your deity-of-choice, cast a few spells, whatever your thing is, because my slightly-more-consistent journalling/blogging/whateverthecrap-ing may or may not be such a good thing...

i'm doing this because I'm tired of having funny stuff happen and then forgetting it.

i'll also try to get more people to join, so i'm not just blogging at myself and maybe 2 others. I'd prefer to inflict as much pain as possible on as many as possible.

So, put in an extra layer of contacts, shield your eyes, maybe turn off your monitors, 'cause your computers and retinas will burn with my awful writing and more awful stories
:) yay
Wednesday, June 7th, 2006
1:57 am
Sasquatch was fucking amazing

pardon mon francais.

I know it was a while ago but I am slow with the LJ updation... (don't you dare try to tell me that updation is not a word...)

so yeah it was amazing. Architecture in Helsinki, Sufjan Stevens, Iron and Wine, The tragically hip, Ben Harper, THE SHINS, THE FLAMING LIPS,
Man the flaming lips... It was a magical experience. they came on stage with like 20 people in santa suits and 20 people in alien suits, and they danced the entire time. Wayne Coyne (Lips singer) crowd surfed in an inflatable bubble before starting the show. I love that band so much.

The concerts were so worth the few hours of rain, hail, and cold. (If you don't know about what happened, go to a video site like youtube or myspace videos and seaerch for "sasquatch hail")

Friday, April 14th, 2006
1:40 am
Swing Dancing!!!
Went to swing dancing lessons after school today (more like yesterday; it's almost 2.a.m.)

Man it was fun. In under an hour and a half, we learned the basic (knew it), the normal twirly thing (knew it suckaz), the 'sweetheart', two ways to get out of the sweetheart (the snappy thing or the twirly thing), some thing that is kind of like a bridge or something, not sure what it's called, the TAPPY THING man that's the best part- I could tap all day. Oh and also some general crazy stuff.

basically i had a fun time after school today swing dancing. Can't wait till next thursday for the next lesson. I hope I don't forget too many steps.

Oh and I think I have dancing lessons tomorrow at lynwood rec center! (today; 2 a.m.) but i'm not sure and they haven't called me back. We've learned tango, swing, foxtrot, I wonder if we'll learn rhumba or meringue (however you spell it) or salsa or something like that.

Dancing's fun, especially when you almost know something close to what you're doing! I can't wait to get better.

Current Mood: crazy
Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
11:02 pm
i had the awesomest church retreat ever. well, second awesomest church retreat ever. Seabeck was better. anyways this weekend was fun. too lazy and tired to give details. But yeah go EUUC!
Wednesday, January 25th, 2006
7:22 pm
whoa i have live journal don't I
yeah. I just rememberd I have live journal....
...another tool for my quest to distract myself from studying.

Finals are kinda not the coolest thing ever. So far they've been okay, but the HISTORY one is tomorrow. *shudder*
so like.... why am I on live journal? because I have to study. How ironic.

Current Mood: tired
Thursday, November 10th, 2005
2:36 pm
Too lazy to write two journal entries about the same stuff, so..... here's my xanga entry about the past few days.

Saturday and Sunday was art show. I was there a lot. Friday night i went over to brent's house with alex and we played some music, and tortured Brent. anyways.... saturday morning brent went to a soccer game and me and alex went and fulfilled our 9-11 shift at the art show. Then we hung around for a while and..... then went to child care. I had brought my guitar (from brent's). This girl was crying and i started playing blackbird and then she stopped crying. Haha it was awesome. Then i met liam, this 6 year old, who, when i started playing dust in the wind on guitar, started singing along. Then I started playing float on, and he sang along to it too! He was so awesome. He then proceeded to make a chucky doll out of clay, and actually almost scared paige. hahahahaha. Played more guitar in child care, then went home. Sunday went back to church again for another 9-11 shift as a runner, then went and bought a cuff. alex had bought one the day before. You get to see the dude make em. It's cool. He made us extra ones too, out of extra belt that he chopped off to make belts the right size for people. Then.... I went back to church at 2:30 for another child care shift with kirsten and ginger. We found some silly songs in the songbook, such as "I love little pussy" and "Riding a cock-horse" you should have seen the lyrics. Kids had no clue what we were talking about. Then hung out with ginger until 6 when the rest of the youth group got there. We went out into the main room (from like 4:30-5:30) just chilling and playing guitar. A couple people came and put a dollar into our little yellow bowl from the childcare room, then this lady from the church came and said "Should you be doing that? i didn't think so. It's great that you're playing music, but you shouldn't be asking for money." So we hid the thing, but like 3 more people came up saying, "where's the hat? you should have something to collect money in!" We'd explain, and they'd just give me the dollar to put in my pocket. This little kid came up and gave me a dollar. It was awesome. Then we went into this side room and played more guitar and this lady gave us leftover cookies. Then we all played/sang sweet home alabama which was cool, because youth group was arriving and some of them sang too for a bit. Then we all had pizza and cleaned up.

Then, today in math...

Okay so in my math class, this kid Steven kept saying these answers (he's not like the class genius, he's just an active participant even though he's not the smartest in the class). Mr.crist would be talking to someone and steven would say the answer, or at least one answer. Mr.Crist was like Steven, i'm talking to ___. He said one more thing and steven blurted it out, so Mr.Crist walks over and takes steven's sweatshirt hood and pulls it up over his head, and proceeds to tighten the little dangly things all the way. He's like "Hurry up ___, answer quickly before steven suffocates over here". And she's like "I'd rather not" and everyone laughs. Mr. Crist says "come on, what's your answer" and Then from inside the hood steven starts to say something and Mr.Crist said something and he's like , open up the hood. hood man shakes his head. Cmon, open it up.
sumdrummerkid: he opens up his hood. "come here, i wanna tell you something" and acts like he's gonna tell steven a secret.
steven/hoodman leans closer
he leans closer

fun times. Okay that's all.

oh yeah and happy four day weekend!!!!

Current Mood: four day weekend!
Friday, October 21st, 2005
9:05 pm
this is my first LJ blog. Congratz to me. If you want to read my old blogs or listen to good music go to my xanga www.xanga.com/robot_yellow . i can't think of much to say. But have no fear, there will be more entries to come. (when i remember that i have a live journal). Oh i know what to say -- big biology test and i think i did okay. there. yay


P.S. Who wants to make me a LAYOUT?!?! I BET YOU DO!!!!

Current Mood: "chipper". funny word it is
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